Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Art X 3

We wad to make a picture with pictures of celebrities by gluing pictures of them and celebrities things. Then we give to another person then we get someone's else picture. Then you had to figure out what theywere doing in this picture and then try to finish it. That was the difficult part it took me 2 class days to figure out what this person picture was trying to do. But I final finish it then we got someone's else picture again. So here the final picture we got and we don't get are original one that belongs to us back.:( Now it's your turn what this artist was trying to accomplish in this picture good luck.:)

Fortune cookie book page

We did a fortune cookie project in creative arts class. We had to pick 6 fortune cookies and then draw a picture that relates to them. It took me one class day to figure out what to draw. I drew a picture of words that relates to the fortune cookies topic which I chose family sry forgot to add the topic part sry. :( So this is the picture and how it turned out hope you like that's the end of this blog post.