Thursday, March 20, 2014

A boy who is the son of satan

This story is about a teenage boy. He lives in a church/monastery with his father who works at the church. The boys father prays at the big cross hanged in the church as the symbol of Jesus every day. His son dosen't attend a lot because he usually outside getting into fights and into trouble. So the boy got into a fight with this boy and punched him in the face then that boy ran away with his friends holding him up. The next day the boy gets ambushed by the boy and his friends he fought yesterday. So the kid wants to get revenge for what the boy did to his face. So the boy starts to see the kid change into this monster but the kids friends don't see him change into a monster only the boy can. So then the kid takes a red hot piece of metal out of a barrel that has a fire in it. Then as the piece of metal gets closer to the boys face he starts to struggle then starts to say no then when the piece of metal is inches from his face he yells no and then this blue flames erupted from his body but the flames didn't hurt him. Then the kids friends ran way but the kid stayed and told the boy I was right you are the son of satan come with me i'am Cato the demon let me deliver you to your father in hell your father satan. Then the boys father came to rescue his son. The boys father sayed a proverb from the bible witch cursed the demon out of the kids body. Then his father father took his son to the monetary and gave him a sword and a bible and told him to guard that sword with your life that sword is a very powerful demon slaying sword and it has your demon powers lock in side it and read that bible I gave it's teaches you how to slay demons. Then the boys father told him to go to this special school they will teach you how to become an exorcist. Then his father suddenly burst into blue flames then started to change into a demon then he sayed son it's me your father the boy final saw his father satan then he sayed come with me back to where you belong then his non-demon father stabbed his body to make satan leave his body then his human father sayed GO GO. The boy ran and ran till he reached the school and seven years later he became an exorcist and swore to kill satan and all demons from this world.