Monday, June 9, 2014

Reflection post

Wow I can't believe that the school year is about to be over. I am going to miss a lot of my friends. I think I had a great year made some new friends had great teachers all my classes were great including wood shop and creative arts. I can't what for 10th grade but I heard that each year it gets harder. I hope that's not true. :( but I can't what to get back in wood shop and my teacher said that we'll be getting a new table saw in September. Also we'll be teacher on how to use the table saw ya:). But I think I grew up a little bit of hard it will be out there. But I learned things I didn't even now about in history, language arts, science, health/sex ad, wood shop, creative arts, and math. I had a lot of wonderful teachers including my wood shop teacher my creative arts teacher my history teacher my science teacher my language arts teacher and my math teacher how would really fun and he would put a smile on my face even if I had a bad morning. The best thing is get to have them again in 10 the grade ya:). I can't what for it. :)

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